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Social media marketing

Social media marketing is the buzzword today. Unlike a typical search engine marketing campaign which takes time to grow and develop, SMM or social media marketing yields quick results. It allows for user interaction and participation and is more direct and engaging in nature.

It involves hooking the target audience in interactive web platforms by creating business messages which draw their interest. With increasing popularity of community websites, social networks, blogs and wikis, social media has evolved as an innovative marketing technique to succeed and survive. Given that social networks are mainly user-driven; these services are cost-effective compared with other means of web marketing. At CIPL, we curve a niche for your business on social networks and offer a wide range of social media marketing services to leverage the potentialities.

Key Features

* Domain Expertise

* Cost effectiveness and flexibility of service

Domain Expertise: Our expert social media consultants are at par with the trends and developments of the industry. They actively participate in business discussions and community activities on leading social networks to build awareness and engagement around your product.

Cost effectiveness and flexibility of service: Our social media branding and marketing services are cost-effective and designed to reduce the turnaround time. Real-time updates of services are offered. In addition, access to business/product profiles is granted depending on conditions.

How We do ?

* Blog creation and maintenance.

* Community building and forum marketing.

Blog creation and maintenance: We develop blogs to contribute posts that are relevant to your business. Along the line, we also provide complete support, maintenance and promotion of blogs. The posts are also submitted to world’s most happening blogs that belong to your industry.

Community building and forum marketing: We create profiles on popular forums to initiate or participate in discussions to evoke interest regarding your product among your target audience.

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